A powerful way to save for retirement
Annuities are contracts between a customer and an insurance company and is memorialized in an “annuity contract” which details specific details, coverages and obligations. Annuity contracts may be fixed or variable and are tax deferred investments and are typically used to guarantee current or future income.


Fixed annuities are an annuity contract that provides a guaranteed fixed interest rate on a tax-deferred basis in exchange for a lump sum capital investment.  The “fixed” payments are guaranteed by the carrier as is the principal investment.  The payments are annualized and can provide the annuitant (customer) the guaranteed payout over a specific term or for the life of the annuitant.

Equity Indexed annuities or EIAs, offer annuitants the opportunity for a higher yield by tying the interest payout to stock market indicies and their performance while providing protection against market declines. In exchange for downside protection, EIAs will have certain performance caps thus limiting up-side increases in payments.

Immediate annuities, otherwise known as an income annuity, are designed to begin paying the annuitant immediately when the policy is initiated. Immediate annuities may be variable or fixed (note variable options are not available through SIS).

Variable annuities are an insurance based securities product that allows for the accumulation of capital on a tax-deferred basis by investing premiums in sub-account portfolios of equities or bonds.  Annualized income payments could vary based on sub-account performance.  Variable annuities ARE NOT available through Sandlapper Insurance Services.  For more information on variable annuities, please contact SANDLAPPER Securities registered representative.